Would you like to become a real gardener and create in your own Sodolendas (Gardenland)? Join our magical world of plants and become a true gardener! Discover the joy of gardening through a playful and engaging process that nurtures creativity, responsibility, and plant knowledge.
Unbox the Sodolendas experience and find the enchanting magic seeds nestled in beautifully shaped strips! Plant these magic seeds into the soil and witness the captivating moment as they eagerly penetrate the ground, reaching for the nourishing sunlight. It is truly magical! And when they start to turn green and bloom, draw and colour them in our delightful colouring book.
Embark on this exciting gardening adventure!

The kit includes:
• 5 seeds on tapes: carrots, lettuce, marigolds, cornflowers, gooseberries
• Colour pencils
• Colouring book
• 5 paper markers