Sodolendas (Gardenland) is a playful world where children will discover the joy of plant cultivation, become acquainted with various vegetables, nurture their senses and intellect through engaging tools.

Magical seeds with cheerful names, MEGA and MINI cultivation kits, dissolvable cups, and plant vitamins are tools that will delightfully educate and assist curious ones in growing natural and incredibly tasty vegetables of various sizes and colors!

Sodolendas (Gardenland) – gardening is self-growth!

Why embark on the adventure of Sodolendas (Gardenland)?


Gardening is a practical and interactive form of learning. By planting and caring for plants, children learn about the life cycles of plants, delve into secrets of biology, ecology, and nature in general, all in a practical and enjoyable manner. Witnessing the growth of plants, children start understanding the importance of sunlight, water, and nutrients, gaining insights into the ecosystem of insects and other garden beings. Such practical lessons not only deepen children’s knowledge but also foster a love for nature and a desire to preserve a sustainable environment.


A plant is a living organism that requires constant care and attention. By taking care of plants, children clearly see the consequences of neglecting a delicate seedling on a hot day. Children develop skills of responsibility and punctuality and learn to manage their time. They understand that regular watering, fertilising, and care significantly influence plant growth and future harvests. Gardening also teaches patience, as children must wait for their plants to grow and bear fruit or flowers. Broadly speaking, responsibility and patience are superpowers essential and valuable in all areas of life.


Gardening promotes physical activity and outdoor play. While preparing garden beds, planting, and caring for plants, children enjoy fresh air, engage in active activities, and refine their motor skills. Furthermore, their plants yield fresh homegrown produce! After all the care and attention, why not enjoy the fruits after so much labor? Gardening naturally encourages children to consume more fruits and vegetables. Understanding where food comes from and participating in the cultivation process helps children develop healthier eating habits that will accompany them throughout their lives.

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Unique varieties of vegetables, flowers, and herbs with attractive messages for children and special markers. The range also includes MINI and MEGA growing kits with a game inside the pack.

Plant care and tools

Proper plant care ensures good results,
so we consider the benefits for plants and
clean hands. The assortment includes
fertilizers, soils, tools, and
magical gloves.

Leisure goods

From now on, no weather will hinder spending more time outdoors, as children will be not only protected from the sun but also stay dry and clean with proper footwear protection available in the assortment!