Would you like to become a real gardener and create your own Sodolendas (Gardenland)? Then take your family and step into the enchanting world of plants! It’s a playful journey and a guaranteed good outcome, spending quality time together and fostering teamwork while nurturing your creativity, responsibility and plant-growing knowledge.
When you open the Sodolendas box, first look for the magic seeds! These precious seeds are ready to be sown in the mini-greenhouse, where you can witness the fascinating journey of plants breaking through the soil, reaching for the sunlight – it is truly magical! As the plants green up and bloom, you can capture their beauty in an engaging colouring book. But the excitement doesn’t stop there! The kit includes stickers to decorate your sprouting cups or plant markers, adding a personal touch to your budding garden.
Begin your garden adventure on your balcony, in your garden or right on your windowsill!

The kit includes:
• 6 different types of seeds: pepperweed, lettuce mix, radish, rocket, tomatoes, cat grass
• 6 sprouting cups
• sprouting greenhouse
• 6 coconut tablets
• coloured pencils
• colouring book
• 6 bamboo markers
• stickers